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Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church

Ashland, WI

In need of a number repairs and improvements, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church underwent a $2.5 million renovation which impacted nearly every portion of the existing brownstone building.  Renovations were made to the narthex, nave, sanctuary, social hall (including a new kitchen), access to choir loft improved, structural improvements made to the roof and nave, new pews and kneelers installed, new terrazzo floor laid, new sound system installed, bathrooms renovated to be handicap-accessible, mechanical and electrical systems replaced and the interior of the church completely repainted.  Furthermore, a new addition was built to connect the church and the adjacent school building, providing a large covered drop-off area and entry for both areas.  Thanks to this extensive work, Our Lady of the Lake continues to serve its 1,500 parishioners and present its beautiful architecture to all who visit Ashland.

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