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When the weather is nice (and summers in northern Wisconsin are oh so nice!), sometimes you have to just call it a week a little early and get out to enjoy it. That's exactly what C&S Design & Engineering with framework design did on August 9th. On a sunny Friday afternoon, the Ashland office closed down early and everyone headed to Prentice Park. Hans grilled up burgers and everyone else brought a side or dessert and a good old-fashioned Midwest potluck ensued (minus the requisite mayonnaise based "salad" of some sort as we were trying to be a little healthy...).

After lunch and some relaxing & shooting the breeze, things got serious. It was time for the (first annual?) office cornhole tournament! Teams had been randomly assigned, a bracket created and mild trash-talking had commenced. The trash-talking remained mild as it became pretty clear that there are no future professional cornholers in our midst. In the end, Trevor and Jamie (friend of the firm) were our champions and claimed their corncob trophies. Nobody went home empty-handed, though, as Christopher had put together corn-based prizes for everyone. Popcorn, Corn Nuts, canned corn... everyone went home with a little something to add to their pantry. After the tournament, some lower-stakes games were played as we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and the company. It was an excellent way to kick-off the weekend and hopefully will become a new office tradition.


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