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Sky Fire

Cornucopia, WI

This unique home started out as two separate, very different homes which were connected by a large, glass sun room.  In 2010, the owners asked us to renovate one of the two original portions of the home to provide all the modern amenities they desired and to create a more cohesive look to the combined house.  A new roof line, to match the other portion of the home, was created over the main living space, which became an open living space with breathtaking views of Bark Bay.  All new finishes were added throughout this portion of the home to create a modern, comfortable lakeside retreat.  


Eight years later, a new owner has tasked us with renovating the other portion of the original house.  Those renovations will include the conversion of a loft space into a new master suite and the expansion of the existing kitchen and an updated guest bathroom. New windows at the second floor and a new, massive sliding glass door will provide even more impressive views of the lake. 

If you would like to experience some of our design work for yourself or some gorgeous views of Lake Superior, the portion we originally renovated, is now available to be rented! Visit AirBNB for details and to check availability!

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